VS Code Interactive Notebook '*-*' is not a valid version string

When installing a NuGet Package in a VS Code Interactive Notebook with a C# (.NET Interactive) code block using the follwing command I copied from this Microsoft tutorial:

#r "nuget:Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive.SqlServer, *-*"

I recevied the following error:

'*-*' is not a valid version string

In order to fix this I went and found the latest version number from the NuGet Gallery page for the package and updated the command to include a specific package number instead of the *-*:

#r "nuget:Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive.SqlServer, 1.0.0-beta.21357.1"

The interesting thing to note is that after installing the package then I was able to re-run the command using *-* in place of the version number.

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