Hugo NoSuchKey on Sub Folders After Deploying to Amazon S3 and CloudFront

After deploying this blog to Amazon S3 with CloudFront the main page rendered correctly but any pages in sub folders like /posts or /posts/post-vanity-url would recieve the following error:

    <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

Hugo uses directory URLs by default (posts/post-vanity-url) instead of files names (/posts/post-vanity-url/index.html). S3 is an object storage system not a file system. When a directory URL is passed to the server, it looks for the default root object in that directory. Asking for a directory fails to retrieve the index.html file in that folder.

To fix this you need to use the WebsiteURL of your S3 bucket as the origin for your CloudFront distribution:

and not the DomainName of your S3 bucket as suggested by CloudFront’s auto complete:

If you have specified this correctly your Origin Type should have changed to Custom Origin and your Origin Protocol should be HTTP Only.


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