ADFS 3.0 WIF .NET 4.5 Cheat Sheet

After wrestling with ADFS 3.0 and WIF in .NET 4.5 I decided to create this cheat sheet to map the numerous mixed terms that exist between ADFS and WIF.  

ADFS Authentication Authorization Example Notes
Identifier Wtrealm Audience urn:servername This can be anything as long as it is unique and it not used anywhere else
Relying Party Endpoints Wreply https://localhost/testserver/ This is the address of the server that wants to use ADFS for identity. Ensure you add the trailing / in Wreply this is a bug in WIF
Service Endpoint MetadataAddress https://adfsserver/federationmetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml Contains the details that WIF will use to configure authentication. Without this file you would have to configure the server manually
Service Endpoint Issuer http://adfsserver/adfs/services/trust
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